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How to Draw Chibi Vegeta

This is my last lesson for the drawing day I’m online. In this awesome tutorial, you’ll be getting a glimpse on “how to draw chibi Vegeta”, step by step, finally! This is definitely my favorite Dragon Ball Z character who I find lots of character in him. He’s full of jokes (indirectly) and always throwing insults at Goku. Vegeta was originally sent to earth to destroy the planet with his partner, Nappa. Together they will have to finish Goku’s work which he indeed failed to complete. Luckily, Goku defended his planet and Vegeta become friends with his foe, always lurking to defeat him somehow. Later on, he creates a kid with Bulma, who is everso awesome herself! Well, I really do hope that this tutorial will do you some good on “drawing chibi Dragon Ball Z”. Thanks so much for viewing and have fun!

how to draw chibi vegeta drawingStep 1. Start off with the basic guidelines that will set as the foundation plane for your character. You can never start randomly on a subject or you’ll be doomed for failure. Make sure you try to draw the guidelines as close to this as possible as it’s your essential skeleton.

Step 2. Begin by drawing the frame of the face as well as the spikey hair for chibi Vegeta. This will take time as there is typically no guidelines for the hairdo. Take your time as the emotion of rushing will rise to your doing.

Step 3. It’s time to draw the facial expression that this cute little guy has. Draw the body frame as well then later on you may proceed to drawing the arms and feet.

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How to Draw Chibi Cell

Here’s another awesome lesson for all you DBZ addicts! This time, you’ll be learning “how to draw chibi Cell”, from Dragon Ball Z! There was a lot of time and effort put into this as it’s one of my favorite tutorials I’ve seen. You can view the artist’s work at DragoArt.com where, Dawn posts lots of lessons on your favorite chibi characters. I know Cell is a major villain, which is why it’s posted as a tutorial here on the site. In no time, you should be able to “draw chibi Cell”, step by step in no time. Remember to take your time as you draw this character as the urge of rushing may arouse as you draw. This character should be easy to draw as all chibis are. Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy this lovely post on drawing Cell in chibi format! Thanks for viewing and good luck with your future drawings!

chibi frieza drawingStep 1. Start off with your standard foundation to play with the key body frame and features for chibi Cell. Time and consideration must be put into the guidelines as messing up always lingers. Take your time as you draw the guides; consider to use a ruler and compass

Step 2. Get down to drawing the basic head shape for Cell, which also shows his character on how bad arse he is. Make sure you keep yourself in tune with the guides in order to draw the two large antenae looking shapes that emerge from his head.

Step 3. It’s now time to add a few features that will give more character to Cell. Add the face shape and his large angular eyes to get part of his face finished. Then, move onto drawing the crossed arms and exoskeleton for his hips.

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How to Draw Chibi Frieza

Hey guys, back with another lesson for all you chibi cravin’ folks! In this tutorial, I present to you a DBZ character in chibi form. You may know him as a popular villain, as well as a bad arse fighter! In this lesson, you will learn “how to draw chibi Frieza“, step by step. Of course, Frieza has a few powerful forms that he kicks into, which is also pretty awesome. The whole Frieza Saga was an epic event to watch, especially watching his foes drop before his knees. It’s a shame that he gives up the fight and gets his butt whooped by Goku. I have a “chibi Goku” tutorial up my sleeve that I’ll be submitting later. Anyways, I hope you’ll indeed enjoy this tutorial on “how to draw chibi Freiza from Dragon Ball Z”. Until next time!

chibi frieza drawingStep 1. Draw the basic foundation guidelines that will shape up the character form for Frieza. He’s a pretty small character in this form, so it’s best to establish a good foundation in order to draw him perfectly.

Step 2. Start drawing the essential outline for Frieza as this is a very important part when drawing him. You’ll be needing to take your time and focus with the drawing as things may get tedious during this process.

Step 3. It’s time to work on the facial details as well as drawing the legs and tail for your chibi Frieza. Remember to take your time and to focus on the composition of the drawing. Do not get to the point of rushing because that’s an artist’s major flaw. Take your time!

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